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World-Famous Jokes: Volume 2

    By Michael F.S.W. Morrison
    Illustrated by Jacob Arlo Roark

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Volume 2.

    This is another collection of jokes and stories, written and/or collected by the World-Famous author and editor who says it is his fondest hope to entertain, to bring out some laughs in a world that gets more complicated and more difficult each day.

    Life might look bleak, but that chicken keeps on crossing the road. And, in the worst of times and the best of times, humor is still available to help us over the bumps and hurdles. It seems contradictory, paradoxical even, but some of those very people who are creating our hard times are also the source of much of our humor. Well, we’ll show them! We’ll get our copy of World-Famous Jokes, Volume 2, and thumb our noses at politicians and governments and even world crises, and laugh at every other source of humor. And, just to show how well-balanced we are, we will say “Thank You” to those sources. And, finally, we’ll buy extra copies of World-Famous Jokes, Volume 2, in order to give them as inexpensive gifts.
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