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Radium Springs: The Life & Times of Neeves Washington Bryant, Volume One, Books 1 and 2

    Walker Chandler

    In the first book of this volume, Neeves writes of his and his granddaughter’s meeting with Franklin Roosevelt at Warm Springs, Georgia; of becoming an Army medical officer to help in the war effort, of his affair with a Navy nurse he meets in Atlanta, and of matters he learns of the times at the Well of Living Waters before 1800.

    In the second book of this volume – the final book of the series – he writes of his wartime work and adventures in Great Britain, Sweden, Lapland, and on the high seas at the Battle of North Cape. He tells of his losses and of his return to Georgia. He tells of his second meeting with President Roosevelt in April of 1945. He shares his views on life, humanity, racism, and time.

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