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Heart of a Hunter

    By Ginger

    Gates Mill — a rural Texas community and hometown of the cutthroat killer.

    Ariana doesn’t think herself special compared to most — but she’s found herself in the heart and soul of the town’s new plight, the return of the infamous cutthroat killer. While her father and his partner are on the hunt for the killer — and with Ariana working with her friends on a brand new murder-themed podcast in college — all of them are digging up information on the cutthroat killer however they can, gaining traction and hoping to get him caught.

    But as the info spreads like wildfire, so does Cutthroat’s message, as well as his frightful presence of urgency — inspiring a new killer to arise and take the reins. Somehow — with two killers now running amok — Ariana, her father, her friends, and even her psychology teacher must find a way to bring them down.

    But the task is not impossible — not for someone with the heart of a hunter.

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