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Endless October: Short Stories from a Traveling Bird Hunter

    Randall Schultz

    For a traveling bird hunter, October is heaven on Earth. It’s Randy’s favorite month. He is a storyteller, dog trainer, wingshooter, and wandering bird dog man. Every fall, he turns his truck north and west to match wits with grouse, pheasant, quail, and Chukar. He takes us through the years and the dogs. He tells the stories of coveys flushing, roosters cackling, quail running, shotguns, family, and even one unlucky yard chicken. He will take you west to Montana and Arizona, north to Michigan and Wisconsin, and south to Georgia. You will feel the wind, hear the exploding flush, smell the prairie, see the sunset, and taste sweet victory in the win. Puppies grow up, and old dogs die, but the yearning and restlessness never leave until that glorious month of October.

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