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Endless October, Season 2: Bird Dogs, Short Tails, and the Traveling Birdhunter

    Randall Schultz

    Season two in the life of a traveling bird hunter. Randy brings us more exciting stories of hunting across the country with his bird dogs.

    One dog gets lost in the desert of New Mexico, and a frantic search goes on for more than a week. One old campaigner hunts the mountains of Southern Arizona like he’s a bulletproof three-year-old again – right to the point of a 30-feet fall off a rock face. One old girl proves intelligence and desire can make up for lost youth. All these stories and more will get your heart pumping, your head nodding in agreement, and may even wet your eyes occasionally. Randy’s goal is to make it to heaven in a cloud of dust, sliding to a halt, exclaiming, “Wow! What a ride! Thank you, Jesus!”

    This book, the second one so far, shows that he is a little farther down that road and even more excited than ever!

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